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IMPORTAND! Certifications, feedback for assignments, evaluation questioner

IMPORTAND! Certifications, feedback for assignments, evaluation questioner

από Maria Machairidou (Maheridou) -
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Dear colleagues,

As you know, this was the last week of the OSMF’S distance educational program. During the next days you will all, gradually, receive the feedback about your work/assignments (for those who haven’t already received it). You will informed about it, to your personal mail addresses, as soon as it is submitted by the instructors.

The certification of successful attendance will be sended in a digital form to your e mail addresses. Trainees who haven’t uploaded at least one work-assignment, as known, will not receive the certification. 

This processes will be completed till 08th of May.

The educational platform will remain free for access till 25th of April (00:00’), so, if you haven’t done it yet, you can download the educational material you are interested in till then.

After Monday 25th , you can contact us through the email address for any possible further information.

Finally, in order to help to the improvement of similar future educational programs, please complete and submit the Evaluation Questioner to the following link  

Thank for your participation, it was very creative to cooperate with you, even at a distance!

My best regards to all of you, 

Maria Maheridou