Submission of assignments

Submission of assignments

από Efthimios Mavrogeorgiadis -
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Dear colleagues,

We are now in the last week of our distance education program and I would like to remind you that, in order to fulfill the requirements for the successful completion of the course, you need to submit one (1) assignment from a total of seven (7) that have already been uploaded by the instructors.

The deadline for the submission of the assignment is April 24, 2016. Once the deadline has expired, Euronets, our asynchronous learning platform, will stop accepting submissions.

Soon afterwards, you will start receiving feedback from the instructors and, in the very near future, the certificate of successful completion will be e-mailed to you. Should you fail to receive either of the above even though you have submitted your assignment within the deadline, please, contact me or Dr. Machairidou to resolve the issue.

Hoping you have profited from the course and the hard work all the instructors and Dr. Machairidou have put into it, please, allow me to wish you and your loved ones a blessed Holy Week and a joyful Pascha.

Efthimios Mavrogeorgiadis
Teacher of English
Experimental Junior High School of the University of Macedonia