CLIL lesson plan

Prepare a CLIL lesson plan aiming to teach students content and language. Please, make sure that you mention the following:

  • The language level and grade your students are in
  • How the 4Cs are satisfied
    • Content to be learnt
    • Communication tasks to be practiced
    • Cognition skills to be used
    • Culture awareness to be achieved
  • How the four language skills are integrated
    • Listening
    • Reading
    • Speaking
    • Writing
  • Link the content to knowledge that has already been acquired by the students
  • If needed, include the text around which your lesson will develop (don't forget to include visual cues)
  • Include activities that practice vocabulary and process/reorganize content (fill in a table, label a diagramme, complete a cloze quiz, etc.)
  • Encourage student creativity (with a presentation, a game, a trivia quiz, a research activity, etc.)
  • Include the possibility of cooperation with another school across Europe within the framework of your lesson

When you are finished, submit your file but, please, make sure it does not exceed 1MB or it will fail to upload.

Please, don't hesitate to contact me through Μηνύματα (look up "Μαυρογεωργιάδης") if you need help or support. You can also use the Ομάδα συζητήσεων ειδήσεων to exchange public messages with your colleagues.