Postmodern and constructive lesson plan

Step 1. Download and save to your pc the word form of the lesson plan [School garden_lesson plan].

Step 2. Design your own postmodern and constructive lesson plan. The proposed thematic areas for your lesson plans you are going to create are:

1.    The experimental approach of a local lake, river sea etc. Relationships which are connecting us with it.

2.    Get familiar with the green areas of my region (city, near city etc). Is it a life kind relationship or not?

3.    Know better and “get in contact” with my body through physical education activities.

4.    The important others and me: Approach the natural and human environment.

Step 3. Replace to the word form of the lesson all elements with those you have designed (your work).

Step 4. Rename the plan you have created it, using your last name as the name of the word file (for example: Theodoridou_lesson plan), save it and upload it. 

Thank you for the cooperation!

Sofia Theodoridou